Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did we buy farm land in New Zealand?

  • Why should New Zealand welcome investment by Milk New Zealand?

  • What is the long term vision for our farm ownership in New Zealand?

  • What benefits derive to New Zealand from foreign investment in New Zealand farm land?

  • How are our farms managed?

  • Why has Pure 100 Farm Limited (a subsidiary of Milk New Zealand Holding Limited) applied to the Overseas Investment Office for approval to purchase Lochinver Station?

  • Do we produce any products in New Zealand?

  • Are taxes paid in New Zealand?

  • Why is Shanghai Pengxin Group selling its New Zealand dairy farm assets to Dakang Pasture Farming Co. Limited (Hunan Dakang)?

  • Why did Shanghai Pengxin recently list its North Island farms for sale on TradeMe?

  • Why are Chinese allowed to buy farm land in New Zealand but New Zealanders cannot buy land in China?

  • Will New Zealand lose sovereignty of its country?

  • Won’t profits from the farms go offshore rather than benefit New Zealand?

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