Milk New Zealand supports the marketing of New Zealand products in China and our focus is to provide 100% New Zealand sourced premium quality products for our consumers.

The name Theland was formally registered in 2013. We first signed our exclusive contract with Miraka Limited in 2014 to produce UHT milk bringing New Zealand premium and purity to consumers in China.

In June 2014, we became the contract manufacturer to Mengniu Dairy Group Company Ltd from New Zealand – one of the largest dairy processors in the world and the leading dairy manufacturers in China.

In 2016 Theland exported over 1,900 containers of UHT and other dairy goods to China. In 2016, Theland achieved its status as the number one business selling imported UHT milk in the majority of its partnering stores.

At Theland we are proud of our product warrants


All our products are certified with New Zealand made


Our products are under the governance of inSight of Assure Quality securing food safety from farm to table. They carefully audit all claims we make on our products across the whole supply chain. They monitor and audit our supplier, manufacture, transport even to export and retails in China.

Current Dairy Range

250mL High protein UHT Milk
3.5g / partial skim / 3.8g
Suitable for age 2+
Adult milk powder series
1kg / 400g / 818g
In fortified WMP and SMP
4.2% fat 3.6% protein
fresh milk for family

Current Manuka Honey Range

Manuka honey milk powder 800g
Targeting at elderlies with extra calcium,
high protein and low in fat
ManukaLife Milk Powder
with Manuka Honey 400g
Gold formula for seniors
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